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Offering to purchase our Stenwood flooring material, we realize that the quality and durability of ready-to-use floor depends not only on floor material or consumables, but on the quality works on preparation and laying all floor units. Besides, it is necessary to pay proper attention to the observance of technological terms of preparation and laying flooring. In order not to force workers laying flooring materials to rush, it is necessary (better 1-2 months beforehand) for you to refer to the matter together with our managers. You can call any number that are listed on the site.

The prices shown in the price-list are exploratory in nature. The necessity of carrying out definite types of services in preparation and laying of flooring are discussed individually for each new object of works.

Stage 1. Preparation (arrangement) of the base

Model worksPrice for m2

Stacking 1 layer of plywood: cutting and laying it on glue, and fixing it to the base (screed coat) with concrete nails or self-tapping screws.

Plywood grinding based on abrasive materials.    150

Stage 2. Laying of wooden floor materials and products based on wood

Works with model flooring and its elementsPrice for m2

Laying of block parquet (“deck”, “herringbone”) on the parquet glue with nail fixation.

Laying of module parquet on the parquet glue with nail fixation.    950
Laying of solid boards on the parquet glue with nail fixation and with self-tapping screws.     750
Laying of plinths up to 70 mm high with self-tapping screws based on consumables (rm)    350

Stage 3. Parquetry finishing

Types of parquetry finishing Price for m2

Block parquet finishing with the use of surface-grinding equipment: parquet grinding in 3 passes, 3-layers lacquer system or 3-layers lacquer system (for colorless oil)

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