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Lacquers, adhesives and oils for parquetry

Stenwood sells all necessary materials for laying the quality flooring such as parquet lacquer, oil and other agents.

Regardless of the fact what species of wood you use; auxiliary materials should be of excellent quality. We cooperate with the world’s leading manufacturers of lacquers and adhesives for parquetry along with oils and care products for oil. These agents transform the appearance of wood, improve operational properties and extend its service life:

  • Any lacquer for Stenwood parquetry protects and emphasizes the patterns and structure of wood. Meanwhile, the covering is absolutely safe for people and animals and it can be used even in the children’s rooms. Experts of our Company will help you to choose parquetry lacquer depending on the patency of premises and other characteristics. We sell the products of famous brands, such as Loba, Bona, Osmo and others.
  • Stenwood offers glue for installing different types of parquets – block, art, module ones, etc. Mixtures are easy to prepare and they always give excellent results. Correctly matched adhesives almost have no effect on wood. We sell products of such famous brands as Wakol, Kiilto, Kesto, Adesiv, Lechner and others.

Choosing parquet lacquers, adhesives, oils and other chemicals in Stenwood, you may be sure that you purchase the best-in-class products.

KIILTO glue (Finland)

Kiilto is a known Finnish company that has been cooperating with the manufacturers of furniture and flooring materials along with construction organizations. These is our reliable supplier of durable and easy to use glue for parquetry.


WAKOL glue for parquetry (Germany)

For half a century the German Wakol company has been producing high quality glue for parquet and solid wood boards. The soluble mixtures are easy to prepare, they are simple to use and they always give a great result.


LOBADUR lacquer (varnish) for parquetry (Germany)

LOBA company has even longer history. Founded in 1922, nowadays it is one of the leading manufacturers of parquet lacquer. The means for processing wood of that brand are popular all around the world. The distinguished features of water-based lacquer (varnish), which is the main Company’s product, are environmental friendliness and the fact that it is absolutely harmless to people and animals.


OSMO oil for parquetry (Germany)

With proper care wood, covered with oil and hard wax, will preserve its excellence for a long time. OSMO oil with hard wax is an ideal agent. It is great for any wooden flooring materials, cork and OSB boards. After the treatment with OSMO oil the surface retains its natural structure, becomes water resistant, do not afraid wine, beer or color stains and easy to clean. The natural combination of oil and wax leaves the pores open, which allows wood to retain its ability to breath.


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