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Plywood is a multi-layered construction material. It is manufactured by sticking together pre-prepared veneer sheets. In its turn, the veneer is produced by a rotary cut of veneer logs steamed in special baths. Usually, the number of the layers of veneer is odd. In order to make the plywood more durable, the layers of veneer are overlaid in such a way that wood fiber is oriented true-perpendicularly to the fiber of a previous sheet.

The quality of plywood surfaces is subdivided into a grind and non-grind ones. They are referred to as follows:

  • non-grind – НШ (NSH);
  • grind on one side - Ш1 (SH1);
  • grind on both sides - Ш2 (SH2)

According to the degree of water resistance plywood is subdivided into ФК (FK), ФСФ (FSF), etc.:

  • ФК (FK) – is glued with urea (carbamide) resin and is intended for indoor use
  • ФСФ (FSF) – is glued with phenolic resin. It is used both indoors and outdoors.

Our Company sells plywood of any above-mentioned degrees of water resistance and made of different raw materials.

Birch Plywood

Birch plywood possesses high physical and chemical parameters that are getting better with growing the number of layers, and these peculiarities make the material a highly durable and reliable one. Namely, the durability is a distinctive characteristic feature of the birch plywood. Apart of durability, which allows using the material under heavy loads, this type of plywood has beautiful structure. This variation of plywood is typically used for flooring, Для укладки напольных покрытий в основном используют этот вариант фанеры considering that it is more expensive than plywood made of wood of coniferous trees.


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