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Stenwood modular parquet

Modular parquet is a type of flooring reminding the appearance of art parquet with simple patterns. It differs from the art parquet by the simplicity of laying and the smaller cost. Nevertheless, it requires a professional approach for laying as well as any parquetry. Basically, the modular parquet is made from block parquet. Also, the modular parquet is characterized by frequency of the pattern. The appearance and size of modular parquet can be chosen from our catalogue. Also, we offer to discuss the opportunity of making parquetry or calculating its cost in accordance to the draft or scheme introduced by you.

Versailles Module

Long time ago Lois XIV commanded to replace flooring in Versailles by wooden one. Most of all he was impressed by very original pattern laid with boards in squares that repeated through the whole floorage. All court liked that pattern, that is why it was named Versailles set and they started using it almost everywhere. So, this type of flooring has been used from the times of Lois XIV until nowadays.


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