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Stenwood – solid wood boards

In Stenwood company you can buy ready-to-use flooring materials of different types, structures and colors. On the base of solid wood boards, we offer the floor coating made of the wood of precious wood species, such as oak, ash, maple, and others. You can also order parquetry works or purchase all necessary materials and do it all by yourself. Also, you can order solid wood flooring with any color treatment, including selection according to the Ral map or agreeing with the customer samples. The finishing treatment with lacquer or varnish can be also decided by you.

Solid wood boards, offered by our Company, are produced with dimensions from 500-900х90х15 mm to 400-2000х100-200х20 mm (length х width х thickness), which allows to create on the floor practically any appearance – from large-sized parquet to wide solid wood floor boards.

Solid wood boards with tint coating under lacquer and varnish

Tinted collections of Stenwood are made from solid boards with dimensions from 500-900х90х15 mm to 400-2000х100-200х20 mm (length х width х thickness). Tinted collections represent an excellent opportunity to purchase flooring materials ready to lay. As extra service we offer to match colors and try a free control paint according to your sample.


Solid board without covering 20 mm thick

Perhaps, solid board is the brightest and the most expressive representative of flooring materials. Since old times people have preferred exclusively solid boards. And solid oak boards always were considered to be one of the hardest and long-lasting.


Solid board Elite without covering (90 mm wide)

Solid board Elite is the happy medium between parquet blocks and large-sized solid board. This material as well as parquet has its own size of planks but in the same way as solid board has bigger dimensions.


Solid wood board LEGNO PARQUET

Solid wood board LEGNO PARQUET is a new brand of Russian parquet market. In Russia, solid wood board is produced under a license of Italian manufacturer, Labor Legno Ital Parchetti, and Russian Stenwood Parquet Company in accordance with European quality standards.


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