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Parquet blocks

Parquet blocks are one of the key materials and they are the most important ones represented in the wood assortment of our Company. We have a long production and sales history and we can offer oak parquet and parquetry made of ash, maple, walnut and other primary kinds of timber.


Solid wood board

Solid wood board is one of the most noble and exclusive materials for efficient floor covering works. Our company offers to purchase both ready to use solid wood board covered with lacquer or varnished or just sanded board without any covering.



Plinth is one of the finishing elements when the parquetry is laid and it should match with the main flooring in point of color and structure.


Modular parquet

Stenwood modular parquet is produced on the close control equipment, and the same material, which is applicable for the block parquet production, is used. This material is ready-made for placement. A desired pattern of the modular parquet can be chosen by pressing the button.



Plywood is recommended as a base material for laying any type of parquet. Our site presents special water-resistant types of plywood for laying on the floor battens or screed coat.


Decorative parquet

Decorative parquet is basically floor pavement with the exclusive ornament, created after a personal sketch. Most often, the decorative parquet is used in the classical interiors of private mansions, museums, hotels, etc.


Parquetry chemistry

For many types of coverings glue is necessary. Besides, it is impossible to do without special lacquer and varnish.


Color modification by order

We are ready to offer great deal of choice of color modifications for floor pavements produced on the basis of sketches of expert designers.


Stenwood materials laying service

We offer Stenwood material service for the preparation and laying the floor pavements.


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